Social Empires

All you need to know about Social Empires. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Social Empires - All you need to know about Social Empires. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Social Empires Tips

Social Empires Tips For Newbies

Social empire is a real time Facebook game that deals in military stratagems for expanding empires. For those of you who have played age of empires, this is the kiddy version featuring rainbow dragons and King Kong to obliterate your enemy. For newbies, there are some social empires tips which can help you make less mistakes throughout the game and which can be used as a sort of walk-through for special items.

For the very beginners, this is one of the social empires tips which should help you get started. The first thing you have to do is to cut down as many trees as possible so that you have enough space for buildings. This can be tedious so it is important to get a lot of units and to just start chopping off trees. Once you get a dragon breeding ground, just log in every six hours and get a new dragon. I know this is tedious, but if you want to progress, you just have to commit to building your dragon army.

One of the more useful social empires tips can be tried out from level eight.  Once you are at level eight, the best thing you can do is to keep playing from the Quest mode which will help you get gold, experience and help you get more level ups. This should help you progress faster in the game.

Here is one of the coolest social empires tips if you are interested in collectibles. Once you are at level ten, the developers offer two special feature dragons if you play two games till level ten. You get the galaxy dragon from a game called social wars and you get a rainbow dragon from playing dragon city. If you want these two collectibles, then its best to get started with those other games.

Of all the social empires tips, this one should make you realize that you’ve made it. If you progress to level thirty, it is now time to build the monster nest. With this you can breed the mythical King Kong, the Giant Viper, the Tiger Spider or the T-Rex. Now you finally have the really big guns to wipe out foes. So get the monster nest and start breeding these lethal beasts to destroy those who oppose you.

One teeny tiny tip for better resources, get a vineyard at level thirty seven so that you can get 100 food in every 32 seconds. Your subjects will never go hungry!

Once you are in level forty you can construct the supreme dragon temple, which is user expensive and requires a sacrifice of a furious dragon, Sayan dragon, stormy dragon, one red Bahamut dragon and one gold Bahamut dragon. If you pay the price you get the ultimate beast of them all.

These social empires tips should help you through the game like a pro. All you need to do is to follow through a few basic guidelines, and you are ready to conquer attack your foes head on with your army.